Our Business


  • Patent search Prior arts, official gazettes for invalidation or objection
  • Trademark search, Design search
  • Patent watch services (on a weekly, monthly or other periodic basis)
  • Gathering and analyzing trends of cutting edge technology
  • Consulting on formulating Intellectual Property Strategies in companies
  • Legal research on judicial precedents related to top Intellectual Property
  • Literature search
  • Computerizing patent, trademark and design gazettes

Achievements in Patent Search

Semiconductor laser, Compound semiconductor,Manufacturing process of semiconductor, Medical Appliance, Boiler Facilities, Motors, Software, Information Technology, Mold

Above achievements are merely the tip of an iceberg of our accomplishments in the company's history. However, we regret to be unable to reveal all of our remarkable achievements in detail, since we are required to maintain confidentiality of an invention as an obligation in the patent business.


Cyber Patent Desk, SRPARTNER, STN, JDream (JOIS), Database provided by Patent and Trade mark Office in each country such as J-PlatPat, esp@cenet

Registered Search Organization

Our company is accredited and registered as the fourth Registered Search Organization* in Japan, which conducts prior art searches entrusted by Japan Patent Office before patent applications are examined. Since Prime Minister Koizumi declared Japan to be a nation built on the platform of intellectual property" in 2002, the government has been working hard to promote the prosperity of Japanese industry through intellectual property. As one of the important efforts at the intellectual property strategies, the government focuses on conducting prompt and precise patent examination. In conducting this, the government is taking comprehensive measures to improve the examination system including outsourcing prior art searches to private companies. In order to respond to such a request from the government, our company stepped forward and applied to be a Registered Search Organization, and started prior art searches from July, 2006 for Japan Patent Office. Our company is the fourth Registered Search Organization* and the first private company without any support from the government or any other associations in Japan.

* : Registered Search Organizations as of April, 2020

  1. IPCC (Industrial Property Cooperation Center)
  2. JAICI (Japan Association for International Chemical Information)
  3. Techno Search, Inc. - a company jointly established by 27 companies of Toyota Group
  4. Technology Transfer Service Corporation
  5. AIRI (Advanced Intellectual Property Research Institute, Co.,Ltd.)
  6. Pasona Group Inc.
  7. KOGA SOKEN Ltd.
  8. Mirai Intellectual Property Technology Research Center
  9. JET Patent Search